The 'paper' Anniversary

My husband and I will be married 5 years on the 16th of September! Yahoo!! I love him so much and often think that our years together have stretched beyond these 5 years of married life. We've experienced joy, pain, hope, illness, resignation, faith and so many other feelings that a couple doesn't need to experience during such a short time as a married couple. But, I can honestly say, that these trials have been a melding force between us: a melding of love, support and belief in tomorrow. At one point during this past winter, I wrote him a poem to reflect the struggles and fears in the future. I've added it here.


Life is full of snowstorms,
hail and pouring rain,
all the roads we thought we knew
no longer look the same.

Ruts and bumps appear to grow
On pathways we held dear.
And we can’t clearly see through fog
into the coming year.

But, I remember clear skies -
sun and breezes cooled the air.
When paths were made for climbing
And love held not a care.

When stones were thrown from mountains,
and laughter filled our minds
as rain poured down upon us -
the cold New England kind.

But, life is now a bundle
of clouds and cold and gray,
That seem to sprinkle stress and pain into every other day.

But, then as I remember
the stone flying from my hands,
I recall how much you've loved me
Through my own storms and winds.
I remember midnight prayers
for your presence in my life
And I look down at my hand -
the ring that made me your wife.

So, when storms ride o'er the horizon
and temps drop to frigid degrees,
please always know that I love you
through winter and warm summer breeze.



Haves and Have Nots

sitting in a laundromat.
at 4PM.
on a summer day.
laughing at life around you.
the quarters and dimes must be gold
to your starving eyes.
you drink the remains of a pepsi can
and lick crumbs from the table.
once another's food.
at night you return
to your salvation army box.
to sleep between torn and tattered clothes.
donations of the rich?
and i sleep on clean, fresh linens.
feeling unhappy
because the blisters
on my toes
are sore.

June 1977



Fretful Friday

Fretful Friday here again,
start to worry
remember when...
bus stations and soot, grime, grease
overflowing with people
that can't find peace.
walking and talking,
making no sense
old woman, old man - Can you lend a six-pence?
kind sir with coffee
for me and for you.
help with your bag?
thank you. I'm blue.
new bus, new people, faces and names.
stuck in hot traffic.
celluloid frames.
gotta get to the ocean.
gotta see surf and sand.
can't wait to swim freely,
with my friend's helping hand.
i'm late, i'm late for a very important date.
gotta get these wheels rollin'
gotta move this old crate.

May 27, 1977


When days were...

When days were young and the world was backwards and upside-down, we'd stand on our heads to make it upright
- then laugh -
only to fall over into the soft green clover of May.

When days were rotten, and the TV in Sears was showing Banners on castle walls while slapstick jokes came from the mouths of Robin hood and his merry-men, we'd watch the faces in the crowd
- then laugh -
only to fall over into the Easy Chairs that were on sale.

When days were hot and the summer air was heavy with the sweat of square-headed people, we'd run to pools of cold water
- then laugh -
only to dive into the wet buoyancy of nature.

When days were cold and the icy snow lay white upon darkened earth, we'd make doughnuts
- then laugh -
only to watch the world spin 'round and 'round and 'round.

And now days have changed and the world is still backwards and upside-down, and I stand on my head to make it upright
- then laugh -
at the Banners on the castle walls, eating doughnuts, while the square-headed people watch from darkened earth. And I can remember when days were...


May 1977