Cape Cod 2011 - Animal Stories

Jaynie - or Jaynie Lu as I call her - is a new addition to our 'local' vacation. She's a wonderful dog to travel with - she never barks, doesn't bite, is well house-trained, and loves to walk. She's a treat to have along with us.
This is the first time Jaynie has been to a beach. As a dog rescued from a West Virginia dog hoarding house, she's never experienced anything beyond what Tony and I have been able to expose her to, which has been limited to blazing hot temperatures last August, 3 foot snow drifts through the winter (where she learned quickly how to swizzle her nose in the snow and jump for joy), and pelting muddy rain this Spring. So, the wonder of dry, warm ocean breezes and shaded wooden decks is opening her to the beaty of olde Cape Cod.
Jaynie makes friends wherever she goes, and this trip is no exception. Although the new 'friend' is another species of life. Burt the Bee has joined us for breakfast each morning, and Jaynie is questioning this new friend - with good reason! Burt is a very large bumble bee that finds us all very interesting. He hovers over the table like a buzzing hummingbird and checks each of us out each morning. Once he's secure that we're not going to swat at him, he does regular sun loops on the deck and goes back to his hive in late afternoon. But, Jaynie continues to back away from his buzz and sits in whatever shaded area she can find to avaoid any confrontation. Our virtual family on the shore;-)

Cape Cod 2011 - Setting Sail

We started our ocean trek on Saturday - at a later time than our original intention - with little dog in tow and high expectations for a restful week of warm breezes and clear skies. So far, the hopes have proved true. The cottage that we rented last year has been spruced up a bit - fresh paint inside, new kitchen appliances, new deck table (that I'm sitting at to type this) and an absolutely beautiful ocean landscape! Although the ravages of the winter storms have consumed at least one house in the neighborhood, this cottage still remains - much to our delight.
Kind spirits are with us. The first night greeted us with clear skies and a expansive, midnight blue snapshot of the Milky Way, big dipper, and flickering constellations that took our breath away. Being so far from Boston has its benefits - evening does allow darkness to blanket the sky, letting the stars reveal their magic.
Sounds of the shore touch every moment: waves breaking, birds chirping, singing, whistling, bees buzzing. All of this woven with a sun-drenched sky, warm breezes and soaring seagulls that dart up and down the shoreline. This is the vacation we needed. A week of healing and peace. There are agels in the wind.
Breath and enjoy!