Cape Cod 2011 - A Cooler Day

We've been lucky. The last two days of Memorial Day weekend were as sunny and warm as a summer day. It brought the sun-bathers and surfers to the shore close to our cottage rental. Today came with a cool wind and a smattering of thin clouds across the panorama of sky across our horizon. The waves are more choppy and the beach-goers are clad in sweatshirts and have their arms wrapped around themselves to guard against the nip of the crisp ocean wind.

It's another beautiful day of a different flavor.

The Calm After the Storm

Yesterday was another beautiful day here on Cape Cod, but the rest of the State was in a state of turmoil as tornadoes hit Springfield, Monson, Southwick, and 16 other towns in the greater Massachusetts area. This was a surprise to everyone - massive tornadoes do not hit New England at the level of devastation we just experienced - at least not in my recent memory. Thank God friends and family are safe, but I'm praying for all of the families that did experience a loss as a result of the storms and the 'twister'. Mother Nature has been severe with so many places on earth this year. It will be wonderful to see a continued calm as people work to set their lives back to a balanced state.
God Bless!