May 17, 1972

14 Years old

There is nothing in the world like love...

Love is everywhere and known in many ways. There's the love of your country, a little girl to her new, soft, cuddly kitten, a boy and a girl. Friendship is love. Telling secrets to your friends and knowing they'll understand you and won't tell is love. It can be shown and given in so many ways.
But, why can't all the people of the world love?

Background: Students were given an assignment to keep a weekly journal. I was trying to understand the reasons why love and hate could exist equally in the world and captured this in my journal.

July 4th, 1970

12 years old

"Roses are red, my love
Violets are blue
Sugar is sweet, my love
But, not as sweet as you."
- Bobby Vinton

Background: My mother had died one year earlier. I was very sad and wrote the words to this song in my diary while remembering her.